VIP Host

Job Summary

The VIP Host is responsible for providing superior guest service at the respective Hard Rock Hotel/Location. Service should be consistent with 4 Diamond Standard rating. All duties and assignments are to be performed according to departmental and Hard Rock company standards.



  • Maintain dialogue with all guest while upholding a warm positive and friendly persona at all times
  • Employee must meet viral communication standards in promoting and marketing our venue
  • Experience with customer database and booking bottle service is required
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain any licensing or active work cards required at present or in the future for this position at all times 
  • Candidates must be a minimum of 21 years of age 
  • The ability to work within a team environment 
  • Exceptional organizational skills and high attention to detail.
  • Communicate clearly and directly with guests using a positive clear speaking voice
  • Work and interact well with departments throughout the organization
  • Effectively deal with internal and external customers and staff some of whom will require high levels of patience tact and diplomacy
  • Handle stressful situations in a calm professional manner
  • Participate in the creation of an enjoyable work environment
  • Ability to initiate and maintain an upbeat and relaxed environment on a consistent basis 
  • Willing to work in a loud and smoke filled environment 
  • Must have the ability to withstand high temperatures heat and sun exposure 

Job Responsibilities

  • Consistently maintain a well groomed appearance posture and hygiene deemed by management
  • Style should stay current and in line with current fashion standards and trends as deemed by management 
  • Develop and maintain relationships with VIP guests; assist VIP guests with table reservations and special requests 
  • Generate 25 new contacts per week
  • Provide a minimum of a 20 person guest list for all Sunburn Pool Parties and any other activation worked
  • Book 1 table MINIMUM each pool party and large activation whether you work or not.
  • Marketing and promoting pool specific events both on property and in public venues 
  • Consistently deliver exceptional service to every guest while interacting and entertaining in a professional manner 
  • Adhere to and enforce company specific safety policies 
  • Market high-end bottle service customers
  • Conduct weekly pre-shift with the VIP staff in order to review all lists table reservations or last minute updates to bottle service.
  • Set the example at all times for all junior hosts to follow.
  • Act as a liaison between Rock Royalty and the nightclubs.
  • Inform Management of all important hotel guests.
  • Manage the front door and host tip pool.
  • Responsible for all customer service needs during operating hours and managing and overseeing the guest list and entrance into the Venue VIP access to the Venue table and booth reservations VIP hosts and doormen. 
  • To Input all guest information to the extent known into the Venue’s VIP customer database as instructed by Senior Management including the guest’s name address liquor preferences and the amount of cash bottles purchased and total check amount per visit. 
  • Work in unison with management to create a memorable customer experience and a harmonious work environment in the Venue for the Hotel with a goal of maximizing and growing profitability of each of the Venues assigned Employee by Employer. 
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to promote the interests and business of Employer and promote the Venues and comply with the lawful and reasonable directions of management. 
  • Supervise the table chart and floor plan to ensure proper and accurate tables are accounted for when seated.
  • Running of tables from the door to the guests designated area.
  • Ensure a proper turnover and introduction has been made between the guest and server.
  • Return frequently to check on the status of all your reserved tables and assist your guests as necessary.
  • Ensure all materials are in place at the appropriate and designated time to begin the night.
  • Flexibility to perform other job related tasks as deemed necessary by management